8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year



48% of the British public have flushed wet wipes



180 million - estimated number of cotton buds flushed down our toilets each year



48% of the nation pour fats, oils and grease (FOG) down their drains

New world, new habits: make a small change to save our sewers and seas

  • Do you want to help reduce the amount of plastic entering our seas and rivers?
  • Do you want to help fight environmentally-damaging fatbergs?

In a fast-changing world, now is the time to take action! Unblocktober will help you make small changes to your habits and the way you dispose of certain everyday items, in order to make a big difference to the environment - at a time when it needs our help more than ever.

It’s easy - so come and join us in making October… Unblocktober!

What is Unblocktober?

Unblocktober is the world’s first month-long national campaign and awareness month to improve the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas - driven completely by the British public.


Launched in 2019, the first Unblocktober saw more than 4,500 Britons across the country pledge to change their kitchen and bathroom habits at home and at work. This rose to more than 14,500 in 2020 - and this year we need even more of you to get involved!

Why Unblocktober?

We have spent decades consistently pouring dangerous liquids and items into our drains, leading to the creation of fatbergs - enormous masses of congealed fat, oil, grease, wet wipes, period care products, cotton buds, condoms, nappies, bandages and much more.


These huge fatbergs block drains and sewers, causing them to work less effectively than they should. The problem has gotten much worse since the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many people's recycling habits fall by the wayside, and resulted in discarded face masks and rubber gloves clogging our waterways.


Although 77% of the population know what a fatberg is and 64% say they are 'very aware' of what should and shouldn't go down their drains, 48% willingly continue to put fatberg-forming substances into our sewers.* It's time for this to change!


*Source: Lanes for Drains


When sewers and drains get blocked, it can cause any or all of the following problems:



Foul waste flooding




Excavation and repair, causing roadworks

Improper waste disposal can also lead to plastic pollution, which is another global crisis that we need to fight.

Disposable face masks, nappies, period care products, cotton buds and many of the other items we list below are non-biodegradable because they contain hidden plastics.

Putting them in our drains increases the chances of plastic making its way into our rivers and seas - into which approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way every day


The good news: even a small change in your habits can make a big difference...


How to get involved

All we want is for you to pay more attention to what you put down the drain this October and commit to putting none of the following items down your drains or toilets for the whole month:



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Are you ready to do your bit for the environment?


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we're living in a new world - and the British public has the power to take the health of our sewers and seas into their own hands.

That means you and everyone around you share the responsibility of protecting the planet from pollution and fatbergs.

However, the beauty of Unblocktober is that it’s so simple to play your part and feel the pride of knowing you’re helping the environment in its most desperate hour of need.

If you no longer want to feel powerless about the plastic waste and pollution problem we've seen since the pandemic, you should sign up for Unblocktober.

If you know how fats, oils, grease and plastic can affect our sewers and drains and want to contribute to the fight against fatbergs, you should sign up for Unblocktober.

If you want to avoid costly callouts from drainage engineers who need to unblock your drains, you should sign up for Unblocktober.

It’s so easy to sign up - simply select an option below and fill out the short form. That’s it - you’ve accepted the Unblocktober challenge!

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