Friday 8th December, 2023
The winners of the second Unblocktober Awards have been revealed! Read about our 2023 winners, and learn about their work to save our sewers and seas.
Wednesday 8th November, 2023
Checking ‘sustainable’ products can help you to make sure the items you are buying and disposing of are actually eco-friendly. Read our guide to learn more.
Tuesday 17th October, 2023
Learn how to dispose of puppy pads and why it’s important to do so properly by reading our guide. Pledge to be more eco-friendly this October.
Tuesday 17th October, 2023
What are the effects of poor drainage? Read our guide to learn more about how and why it is important to keep drains clear. Pledge today.
Tuesday 17th October, 2023
Learn what not to put down the drain by reading our guide, and pledge with Unblocktober today to do your part for our sewers and seas.
Monday 16th October, 2023
Have you gone above and beyond to support Unblocktober? Find out how to nominate yourself for an Unblocktober Award, as an individual or a business!
Wednesday 4th October, 2023
Why can’t you pour oil down the drain? Read our guide to learn all about the negative effects of oil on drains. Sign up to Unblocktober to help us spread the word.
Wednesday 4th October, 2023
Can you put flushable wipes down the toilet? Read our guide to learn how to dispose of wipes responsibly. Sign up to Unblocktober to support our waterways.
Wednesday 23rd November, 2022
The winners of the first Unblocktober Awards have been revealed! Take a look at the 2022 winners to see who has done the most to save our sewers and seas.
Friday 7th October, 2022
Learn about the anatomy of a fatberg and how you can avoid contributing to the problem by reading our guide.
Monday 5th October, 2020
A guest post from the Plastic Soup Foundation tells us all about the Clean Rivers Project, and how much plastic is found in Dutch rivers.
Saturday 3rd October, 2020
WaterAid tells us about the millions of sanitation workers in the developing world who clean toilets, empty septic tanks and unblock sewers, and are working in conditions that endanger their health and lives.
Thursday 1st October, 2020
Want to be in with a chance of winning our eco-hamper worth over £140? All you have to do is follow us on one of our social media platforms and sign up via our website before midnight the 31st October.
Friday 7th August, 2020
Unblocktober is the world’s first awareness month and national campaign to save our sewers our seas, and it’s back for 2020. Find out more and sign up today.
Friday 1st November, 2019
The first-ever Unblocktober generated real buzz, leading to eye-catching headlines, TV appearances and some fantastic online banter. Take a look below at exactly what people have been saying about Unblocktober 2019!
Friday 6th September, 2019
Unblocktober is now an official part of the Love Water campaign, a nationwide initiative designed to mobilise the British public to help safeguard the UK’s water resources for future generations.