Why FabLittleBag is Supporting Unblocktober: A Case Study

Tuesday 4th October, 2022

Unblocktober’s success wouldn’t be possible without the support of the UK’s business community. Companies and organisations from every industry have signed up to take part in Unblocktober each year, encouraging their staff to be part of the campaign to save our sewers and seas.

One such business is FabLittleBag, a creator of sustainably sourced sanitary disposal bags, that signed up to Unblocktober because its core mission is close to the brand’s heart and its own goal to educate and convert the millions of women who regularly flush tampons and pads down the toilet to bin them instead. 

Here, Martha Silcott, inventor of FabLittleBag, explains why the brand chose to get involved in Unblocktober and how their product aligns with our mission to save the UK’s sewers and seas.

Tell us a little about your product

FabLittleBag is a sustainably sourced disposal bag made from sugar cane and recycled materials. They are easy to open with one hand with finger loops, opaque and closed with a seal made from vegan glue.

FabLittleBag 2.png

FabLittleBag 3.png

Where did you get the initial idea for your product?

Funnily enough - sitting on the toilet! I was at a friend’s house and had to change my tampon but there was no bin in their downstairs loo. This meant having to smuggle the soiled item out in my handbag, which was grim! When I went to find a solution, there wasn’t one - disposal of period products is like a taboo within a taboo.

How has your product been received?

You only have to read the customer reviews to see how much being a ‘Fabber’ changes a woman’s experience of their period. Phrases like ‘where have they been all my life’, ‘I even now look forward to my period’ and ‘the best thing invented since the tampon’ have all been mentioned.

We retail directly to consumers via Boots, Ocado, Amazon and Aaron and have an ever-growing B2B presence in corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and even oil rigs!

Why do you think the Unblocktober message is important?

Because the pollution caused by flushing unflushable products is significant and it is a waste of time, energy and taxpayers money to deal with the consequences of this, not forgetting the damage the pollution causes to aquatic life in our rivers and oceans when it reaches there.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get involved with Unblocktober?

The more people who talk about the issues Unblocktober raises, the more habits will be changed and the less pollution and blockages will occur. We are all in this together!

Do you have any other sustainable habits you think people should adopt?

I would say small changes like not leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, reducing food waste by buying more thoughtfully, and joining apps like OLIO where you can give food away to neighbours if it won’t be eaten and vice versa.     

Visit the FabLittleBag website: https://fablittlebag.com/